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Remap Your Mindset with Rooted Maps
This section of my website contains over 500 custom maps describing how the world looks from the perspectives of nearly 200 different countries. It also contains animated maps showing historical trends and projections of how the world is likely to change in the future. To request a map you don’t find here, for copyright permissions, or high resolution copies, please e-mail
To choose from among the full set of available maps, use the search function below. Or click on the map at the bottom of this page to go directly to a map describing any country’s Merchandise Trade pattern.
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Please search for maps by selecting categories in one or more of the menus shown below. For multiple selections, hold down the control key (command key on the Mac).
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Shortcut to Merchandise Exports Maps
Click on any country on the map below to see a map based on its merchandise exports. On these maps, all countries are sized based on their proportions of the selected country’s merchandise exports and colored based on the selected country’s share of their merchandise imports.
Shortcut to Bilateral Merchandise Trade Maps
Click on any country on the map below to see a map based on its bilateral merchandise trade flows.
Generate your Own Custom Maps
Try out the CAGE Comparator™ at to build your own analyses of Cultural, Administrative, Geographic, and Economic distances or differences. The results of your analyses can be displayed in tabular and custom map form. The CAGE Comparator™ facilitates custom analysis for specific industries from the perspective of 163 different home countries.