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International Press / 2011

"'Flat’ World Will Take Time to Smooth Out: Pankaj Ghemawat"
October 20, 2011

Six years ago, Thomas Friedman published "The World Is Flat," which has sold about 4 million copies and set the pace for global blockbusters. The book continues to have a strong grip on people's imaginations. A recent Harvard Business Review blog posting provides evidence: I conducted a mini-survey asking which of three quotes about globalization came closest to reflecting readers' views. Of 642 respondents, more than three in five picked the following apocalyptic pronouncement from Friedman over two more moderate alternatives: 

 The world got flat…[creating] a global, Web-enabled playing field that allows for…collaboration on research and work in real time, without regard to geography, distance or, in the near future, even language.

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